See Our AMAZING Results For Chronic Low Back Pain

Chronic Low Back Pain

What is the problem? Chronic low back pain is a huge problem globally and is the number one cause of disability with some 540 million people affected at any one time, with some 5-10% of people with low back pain going on to develop chronic low back pain.  The problem is growing mainly due to […]

2 Research Articles Show How Easy It Is To Improve Your Sports Injury Recovery With Earthing

Earthing Sports Injury Recovery

Reduce your sports injury recovery time with Earthing Athletes and exercise enthusiasts have a lot to gain from Earthing. ● Less muscle damage.● Reduced inflammation and pain.● Reduced exercise-induced blood thickness.● Quicker recovery time. What the research says and the positive impact on sports injury recovery: In 2010, exercise physiologist Richard Brown of the University […]

How To Boost Heart Health Through Grounding In Just 40 Minutes Per Day

Boost Heart Health With Grounding

The 20+ completed studies on grounding have proven that it has significant positive effects on our physiology and heart health, including: • A decrease in inflammation and an improvement or elimination of the symptoms associated with many inflammation-related disorders • Lowered stress and increased calmness in the body by moderating heart rate variability, nervous system […]

Groundology: Get educated for free on the science behind earthing


Is groundology a real thing? I am old enough to remember the advert from 1988 which starred Maureen Lipman in which she plays Beattie talking to her grandson about his exam results.  They weren’t good …..but he had passed his Sociology exam.  Needless to say that she was impressed that he had got an “ology”.  […]

How can Earthing affect stress?

How can Earthing help with stress?

Today’s world can be stressful, and unfortunately we are seeing more and more adults and children suffering from anxiety and depression. This last year has proved that many unpredictable events can happen, and along with our relational, societal, economic, technological and political events, increase the stress of modern living compared to much earlier and simpler […]

Getting started – can I be grounded indoors?

Be Grounded Indoors like outdoors

You can be grounded outdoors and indoors. Either way, you’ll feel better, have less pain, sleep better, look better, and have more energy. Earthing products do not “run” on electricity. If you plug the cord into your outlet, you are not plugging into electricity, just to the Earth connector point. This is the grounding safety system which is built into modern houses and buildings.

What surfaces can I be grounded on?

Walking, running, standing, or sitting barefoot, will ground you.
Outside: grass, soil, gravel, stone, sand, brick, concrete. Inside: unpainted or unsealed concrete or tile floor built directly on the Earth (best to test the floor for conductivity). The following surfaces will not ground you. Outside: asphalt, vinyl, wood (such as wooden decks). Inside: wooden floors, painted/sealed concrete or tiled floors, carpets.