Earthing Sleep Mat | Single Mattress Pack

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Earthing sleep mat is versatile! It works on any bed and not just a single!

Lay it horizontally across a double, queen or king-size mattress so two people can benefit from touching part of it.

Lay it vertically from head to toe to completely cover just one side of a double, queen or king-size mattress.

Easy to pack it in your bag for when you travel.

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The Earthing Elite™ sleep mats are made from a 100% conductive, easy to clean, and very durable material

Sleep Mat Kit Includes:

  • 1 Earthing Elite Sleep Mat 
  • 1 Black Coil Cord
  • 1 Socket Adapter

2 reviews for Earthing Sleep Mat | Single Mattress Pack

  1. Caroline

    Both my kids use one of these earthing sheets on their bed. They sleep much better than before, and they heal quicker from any bruises and injuries they pick up at football!

    • begrounded

      Thanks for your feedback. That’s amazing to hear!

  2. Rachel F

    My son has Perthes disease and so I bought him an Earthing Sleep Mat to see if it would help with the pain and stiffness and to also support the healing process of the disease. Since he has been using it he has felt no pain. I was so impressed I read Clint Ober’s book ‘Earthing’ to understand exactly how Earthing works and it’s fascinating. I also bought a mat for my bed and have seen improvements in my own health.

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