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Welcome to our Partners page

This page is dedicated to the functional health brands that we use ourselves and would recommend to others.


Foot health is a key staple to our well-being into old age and giving us a strong foundation for movement and stability which is why we use barefoot-style shoes.


Whilst passionate about grounding and the health benefits it brings, we feel that small changes in other areas of our daily lives can help support our body and help it thrive and function optimally.


On this page we will showcase those brands and offer a discount for you where we possibly can




This has been brilliant – I am loving using my grounding mat. Easy to use and practical size. Really happy with it and it has definitely helped whilst I haven’t been able to enjoy being barefoot on the grass due to awful weather!

Polly D

I ordered this sleeping mat a couple of months ago and am genuinely amazed at the difference it has made to my sleep. I still wake up several times each night, but I go straight back off to sleep rather than it taking me an hour or so. I feel like I’m getting enough good sleep now, which makes such a positive difference to my life! I also notice I need to take fewer painkillers for arthritis in my thumbs. Mike was very helpful when I had questions about which mat to order.

Caroline D

As an avid grounding advocate – my mini mat has been a lifesaver this winter with how dreadful it’s been here on the coast – for when it’s been too rough to ground myself out there – I’ve had the privilege of grounding indoors. Highly recommend


Absolutely perfect. Easy to use and versatile. I like sleeping with it on. Will upgrade to yoga+bed cover in the future.


I used this mat on top of a foam wedge pillow inside a cotton pillow case, basically it only came into contact through a cotton pillowcase layer plus through my night wear, so no direct skin contact. However the first night I noticed an unexpected difference… the Earthing mat has reduced the number of nocturnal bathroom visits by half! I still find it hard to believe, but it has continued and it makes a massive difference to the duration and quality my sleep, I’d even say my dreams are less stressful!


I have been using this grounding mat for a month now. It has hugely improved my digestion as well as sleeping more soundly at night. I am so grateful to the be grounded team whose customer service is first rate. I’ll be back for more for my relatives!! Thank you!!

Amelia R

My husband and I both have an earthing mat and we keep it on the computer desk underneath the keyboard. This ensures we are grounded whilst working on the pc which could be stressful. It’s a brilliant idea and we would recommend them to all who care about their health.

Nancy S

Wonderful experience with Begrounded. Quality product and delivered very quickly and a lovely personal touch to the whole experience. I had some questions about the mat and got really constructive and helpful advice from Mike. I’m gradually increasing the use of the mat so a bit early to report on the effects, but my nervous system certainly feels calmer around sleep which has been a challenge for years. Still wake in the night but certainly go off to sleep easily initially.

Dave B

I have been sleeping very soundly since using the earthing sheet and have been very impressed by all aspects of BeGrounded service and communications.

Karen K

Finally I got the REAL product (there’s so much fake stuff on Amazon unfortunately). Top notch and everything is as described – with a green light of the continuity tester kit flashing!! Quick and safe delivery. Very happy and grounded customer here! Thank you so much – highly recommended seller!!

Kale W

LOVE this and really have noticed a massive difference in how I feel since I have been using it. Helped with sleep and stress.


Quick post and excellent product. The sleep mat is comfortable and easy to fit on mattress.

Steve A

Great versatile product. I’m a reflexologist and reiki practitioner so it’s been absolutely fantastic in my treatments to help ground both my client and I during and after a treatment.

Wendy S

This is such a good idea and we have both benefitted immensely from sleeping on the grounding sheet under our cotton sheet. Our sleep quality is much improved and we both waken up feeling refreshed in the morning. We are much more alert and feel generally healthier and more energetic. My husband in particular has seen a dramatic difference in his lifestyle. Because of a heart condition he has needed to have an hours sleep after breakfast and then again after lunch – but this has stopped since we got the grounding sheet. He has been given about 14 extra hours a week back! We are telling as many people as we can because you don’t want to keep such a good thing to yourself.

Nancy S

Really good mat. Replaces an old earthing mat. Made the 5 year old mat from a different company it was replacing seem like the old one was broken.


Had great results. 80% less pain since using the sleeping mat. Definitely recommend.

Shirley T

EXCELLENT service and education . pleased to receive instruction leaflets to give others and to know the versatility of the products beyond their standard description. thank you


I’m so pleased I heard about this product from a family member who’d recently starting using one. It’s been transformative for me – my sleep has improved no end. I’m about to order another product in the range to cover the whole mattress which’ll free up this mat for use around the house.

Diane M

Use under my desk when working and can feel the difference after only a month. Blood pressure also reduced without any other changes so I believe is linked. Have now started sleeping with my feet on it and it appears to help with restful sleep both on sleep tracker data but also how I rested I feel.

Richard H

I prefer to use the Earthing pillow case with direct contact rather than putting it under my normal pillow case. I feel so calm and relaxed when I sleep and I wake up feeling more energised.

Tamsin C

My son has Perthes disease and so I bought him an Earthing Sleep Mat to see if it would help with the pain and stiffness and to also support the healing process of the disease. Since he has been using it he has felt no pain. I was so impressed I read Clint Ober’s book ‘Earthing’ to understand exactly how Earthing works and it’s fascinating. I also bought a mat for my bed and have seen improvements in my own health.

Rachel K

I started Earthing a few years ago and started by going barefoot outside. It made me feel more energised yet calm. I’ve recently bought an Earthing pillow and mat for my home office which has help me in lockdown.

Eddie F

I prefer to use the Earthing pillow case with direct contact rather than putting it under my normal pillow case. I feel so calm and relaxed when I sleep and I wake up feeling more energised.

Christina F

Both my kids use one of these earthing sheets on their bed. They sleep much better than before, and they heal quicker from any bruises and injuries they pick up at football!


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