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Welcome to BeGrounded

BeGrounded is a new UK company focussed on bringing the best natural health products to your doorstep.

Through our own personal health journey we’ve benefitted greatly from regular Earthing, which is why we want to make this amazing health discovery available to everyone!

Caroline from BeGrounded


I’m a mum of two boys and a busy massage therapist. I’m passionate about my work and dedicated to helping my clients out of chronic pain. I have firsthand experience of the incredible healing benefits Earthing can bring. After damaging a nerve in my pelvis 7 years ago I was told that the nerve pain might never go.


In desperation I tried everything and discovered Earthing which was the miraculous cure I was looking for. Over time it healed the damaged nerve ending and the unrelenting pain. I have since conducted research into how Earthing can help with chronic low back pain. Unlike conventional medication, Earthing has no side effects and can only help improve your health. You have nothing to lose so give it a go!

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In 2018, daily earthing helped me recover more quickly than expected after being hospitalised with double pneumonia, and I have continued to be grounded daily ever since.


I also used to suffer from asthma having been diagnosed with it at about aged 7.  My chest health has improved to such an extent that I no longer need inhalers nor have the condition.  Earthing has played a huge part in this healing. Having felt the benefits first hand, I have since taken a keen interest in how daily grounding can help people of all ages in a variety of ways, with a particular interest in sports recovery and injury healing.


I firmly believe that earthing should be a key part of everyday life and I am passionate about encouraging children to understand the long-term benefits of grounding daily in this ever more “electrical” world.


Finally I got the REAL product (there’s so much fake stuff on Amazon unfortunately). Top notch and everything is as described – with a green light of the continuity tester kit flashing!! Quick and safe delivery. Very happy and grounded customer here! Thank you so much – highly recommended seller!!

Kale W

LOVE this and really have noticed a massive difference in how I feel since I have been using it. Helped with sleep and stress.


Quick post and excellent product. The sleep mat is comfortable and easy to fit on mattress.

Steve A

Great versatile product. I’m a reflexologist and reiki practitioner so it’s been absolutely fantastic in my treatments to help ground both my client and I during and after a treatment.

Wendy S

This is such a good idea and we have both benefitted immensely from sleeping on the grounding sheet under our cotton sheet. Our sleep quality is much improved and we both waken up feeling refreshed in the morning. We are much more alert and feel generally healthier and more energetic. My husband in particular has seen a dramatic difference in his lifestyle. Because of a heart condition he has needed to have an hours sleep after breakfast and then again after lunch – but this has stopped since we got the grounding sheet. He has been given about 14 extra hours a week back! We are telling as many people as we can because you don’t want to keep such a good thing to yourself.

Nancy S

Really good mat. Replaces an old earthing mat. Made the 5 year old mat from a different company it was replacing seem like the old one was broken.


Had great results. 80% less pain since using the sleeping mat. Definitely recommend.

Shirley T

EXCELLENT service and education . pleased to receive instruction leaflets to give others and to know the versatility of the products beyond their standard description. thank you


I’m so pleased I heard about this product from a family member who’d recently starting using one. It’s been transformative for me – my sleep has improved no end. I’m about to order another product in the range to cover the whole mattress which’ll free up this mat for use around the house.

Diane M

Use under my desk when working and can feel the difference after only a month. Blood pressure also reduced without any other changes so I believe is linked. Have now started sleeping with my feet on it and it appears to help with restful sleep both on sleep tracker data but also how I rested I feel.


I prefer to use the Earthing pillow case with direct contact rather than putting it under my normal pillow case. I feel so calm and relaxed when I sleep and I wake up feeling more energised.

Tamsin C

My son has Perthes disease and so I bought him an Earthing Sleep Mat to see if it would help with the pain and stiffness and to also support the healing process of the disease. Since he has been using it he has felt no pain. I was so impressed I read Clint Ober’s book ‘Earthing’ to understand exactly how Earthing works and it’s fascinating. I also bought a mat for my bed and have seen improvements in my own health.

Rachel K

I started Earthing a few years ago and started by going barefoot outside. It made me feel more energised yet calm. I’ve recently bought an Earthing pillow and mat for my home office which has help me in lockdown.

Eddie F

I prefer to use the Earthing pillow case with direct contact rather than putting it under my normal pillow case. I feel so calm and relaxed when I sleep and I wake up feeling more energised.

Christina F

Both my kids use one of these earthing sheets on their bed. They sleep much better than before, and they heal quicker from any bruises and injuries they pick up at football!


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