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Earthing Sleep Mat

Earthing Sleep Mat

Use length ways for one person or across a double bed for two people to be grounded at night!

Earthing Pillow Case

Lower cost solution to the Sleep Mat with the same benefits. Use it at night or give it a hug during the day!

Universal Earthing Mat

Be creative and use it anywhere! your desk, on the floor whilst you sit and watch TV, or use it in bed or under the pillow!

What are the Health Benefits of Earthing?

Eases inflammation in the body

Increased energy levels

Relieves headaches and muscle tension

Improved sleep quality

Accelerates healing and recovery

Normalisation of the body’s biological rhythms

Decrease of chronic pain

Improves blood pressure & flow

Lessens menstrual and hormonal symptoms

Our Happy Customers!

“ Since I’ve been earthing I’ve definitely felt more energised and also calmer. My mum suffers from polymyalgia so I bought her an Earthing mat and she has seen a marked decrease in her symptoms with much less pain and aching.”
Tamsin C - Surrey
“My son has Perthes disease and so I bought him an Earthing Sleep Mat to see if it would help with the pain and stiffness and to also support the healing process of the disease. Since he has been using it he has felt no pain. I was so impressed I read Clint Ober’s book ‘Earthing’ to understand exactly how Earthing works and it’s fascinating. I also bought a mat for my bed and have seen improvements in my own health.”
Rachel K - Hampshire
"I started Earthing a few years ago and started by going barefoot outside. It made me feel more energised yet calm. I've recently bought an Earthing pillow and mat for my home office which has help me in lockdown."
Eddie F - London

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Earthing Blog

Be Grounded Indoors like outdoors

Getting started – can I be grounded indoors?

You can be grounded outdoors and indoors. Either way, you’ll feel better, have less pain, sleep better, look better, and have more energy. Earthing products do not “run” on electricity. If you plug the cord into your outlet, you are not plugging into electricity, just to the Earth connector point. This is the grounding safety system which is built into modern houses and buildings.

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