Earthing Pillow Cover Pack

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Be grounded even when you sleep!

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The Earthing Pillow Cover fits over your existing pillow and is designed with our thin, perforated and 100% conductive carbon tech material.

Sleep directly on the Earthing pillow cover or use under your existing pillow case.  Plug into your grounded outlet, and enjoy your blissful, grounded sleep.

Pack includes:

  • 1 Earthing Pillow Cover
  • 1 Coil Cord
  • 1 UK Adapter

2 reviews for Earthing Pillow Cover Pack

  1. Christina F

    I prefer to use the Earthing pillow case with direct contact rather than putting it under my normal pillow case. I feel so calm and relaxed when I sleep and I wake up feeling more energised.

  2. Eddie F

    I started Earthing a few years ago and started by going barefoot outside. It made me feel more energised yet calm. I’ve recently bought an Earthing pillow and mat for my home office which has help me in lockdown.

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