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What if I can only Ground for a few minutes at a time?

Remember even if just your finger tip is grounded, your whole body is too!

When you are connected to the earth, within just a few seconds, your nervous system begins to calm and muscle tension decreases.

After just a few minutes, you might notice that pain decreases and mood is improved.

After a few hours your body’s metabolic process is boosted and your blood circulation runs more smoothly.

Whilst it’s true that there are cumulative benefits over time to prolonged grounding, your body IS instantly grounded at the very moment you are connected to the earth in some way.

It may just be for a minute or two whilst you are in the garden, or even for just 30 seconds as you put the rubbish bins out for collection, or perhaps leaning on a tree when out on a walk, or a sneaky few minutes whilst watching your kids play sport.

It’s all grounding and its good for you!

If you incorporate this into your daily life, your sleep at night becomes more restorative, your stress hormones normalise, inflammation decreases and the health benefits begin to accumulate.

So don’t be too caught up in having to be grounded all day every day.
Start small and regular with shorter bursts and soon you’ll find that the minutes add up.

What can I expect to feel when I start Earthing?

Most people begin to feel better soon after they start Earthing. They adjust easily to the Earth’s energy.

Someone who is poorly with various symptoms may feel the difference dramatically, but someone with radiant health and who sleeps well may not feel a significant difference.

For some people, grounding can feel unusual in the beginning. There may be some tingling in the body, as is sometimes experienced when strolling barefoot along the wet sand at the beach or on damp grass. The tingling sensation, probably due to improved circulation and infusion with the Earth’s healing energy, usually dissipates quickly.

In the beginning, some people may feel flu-like symptoms that include malaise, achiness, headache, a foggy mind, tiredness. Muscle cramps and disturbed sleep might occur.

Observations suggest that a healing, normalisation process is underway because of Earthing’s ability to improve blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues as well as restore a natural electrical state in the body.

Systemically, more efficient cell repair and function takes place, promoting a clear-out of wastes and toxins.

Nerve fibres may function better, resulting in unaccustomed sensations.
Earthing has given the body additional resources to clean up and try to return to normal. Energy is expended in this process, so people sometimes feel initial fatigue before feeling increased energy. These responses vary from person-to-person, and when they occur, generally ease within a week or two.

Should any such initial discomfort be too intense, we recommend stopping Earthing at night and resume with shorter exposure, such as 30 minutes or an hour during the day. Exposure can then be gradually increased over a week or two, allowing your body to adjust.

Be sure to stay well hydrated!

Drink plenty of water to help the body flush out wastes and be more conductive! Dehydration can impair the effect of Earthing in the body


Can I really be Grounded indoors?

There’s nothing quite like going barefoot outside or connecting with nature when grounding. However, it’s not always realistic with how we now live and work, especially if you want to connect to the earth for any length of time.

This is where @clintober comes in and his brilliant idea to transform how we can stay connected to the ground, and absorb those bountiful electrons all from inside your home, office, flat, apartment (other buildings are available!).

Here’s why:

Your house/building’s electrical system is connected to, and stabilised by, a ground rod in the earth. It’s usually located underneath the electrical panel.

A loop wire (also known as the ground wire), runs throughout your wiring system, and you connect to it whenever you insert your Earthing® cord into the socket adapter and plug it into the wall socket (in the UK, it’s the top hole that is the earth wire in plug socket).

All Earthing® product cords have built-in resistors as an added layer of protection.

Sleeping grounded with the Sleep Mats is the best (in our opinion) – it’s the time when your body is healing and repairing for the next day ahead.

..but there are other options too such as the Universal Earthing Mat – these can be used in a variety of ways when you’re watching a film, or perhaps at the office under your desk or as a funky mouse mat on your desk.

Especially on these wet and cold winters days, its ideal to bring the outside indoors!

Please let us know if you have any more earthing questions and we’d be delighted to answer them for you!