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You can be grounded outdoors and indoors. Either way, you’ll feel better, have less pain, sleep better, look better, and have more energy. Earthing products do not “run” on electricity. If you plug the cord into your outlet, you are not plugging into electricity, just to the Earth connector point. This is the grounding safety system which is built into modern houses and buildings.

Busy schedules at work and home, and the typical British weather discourage most people from barefoot Earthing outside, however the key to successful Earthing is routine! A little every now and then just doesn’t get the job done………..certainly not for serious pain, inflammation and illness. So what better way than to be grounded as part of your daily life whether that be sleeping or sitting indoors?

Wondering how these products can ground you inside?………When you are outside and stand, walk, sit barefoot on natural surfaces such as grass, sand, soil, gravel, stone, your body absorbs the natural electricity (electrons) of the Earth – the same happens when you swim in the ocean or a lake which is why you feel so good after a dip in the sea! Indoor grounding products are conductive, meaning that they connect you to the Earth’s energy, just as if you were barefoot outside.  They come with a wire that connects to a house or building grounding system, the ground port of an electrical outlet. This ground energy stabilizes the body’s countless bioelectrical circuits and creates the many wonderful benefits you get from being grounded.

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