Gentleman Walking on Sand Bare Foot

Is groundology a real thing?

I am old enough to remember the advert from 1988 which starred Maureen Lipman in which she plays Beattie talking to her grandson about his exam results.  They weren’t good …..but he had passed his Sociology exam.  Needless to say that she was impressed that he had got an “ology”.  In her words…..”if you’ve got an ology, you’re a scientist!”

When we talk about the benefits to other people about being connected to the ground daily, sometimes the reaction on their face says it all – the think it’s all woo-woo!  However, in reality, there’s a lot of science behind being connected to the ground and this study could be called: Groundology.

There are now some 20+ scientific papers available which have measurable results across a wide range of research, and the groundology movement is growing.  At Be Grounded we have also added to this list with our own clinical study for earthing:

“A double-blind randomised trial to assess the efficacy of Jing Advanced Clinical Massage and Earthing as interventions in the treatment of chronic low back pain.”

For further information on the science and to begin your own journey into being your own groundology expert, you can read more at the Earthing Institute

Some key papers to look out for and the benefits of earthing are:

(Menigoz et al 2020; Oschman et al 2015) – Lowers inflammation

(Sinatra et al 2017) – Reduces oxidative stress

(Chevalier et al 2019) – Alleviates pain

(Elkin and Winter 2018) – Improves blood pressure

(Chevalier et al 2013) – Reduces blood viscosity

(Chevalier 2015) – Improves mood

Remember to be grounded as often as possible. Try going barefoot for at least 30-40 minutes a day and notice how good it feels.

Being grounded is a really important tool in your armoury to improve your health, it’s extremely powerful, and best of all IT’S FREE!  Earthing or grounding (and the groundology science behind it).  Earth has a more negative charge and can lower the body’s levels of oxidative stress and inflammation.  It also helps the blood flow better by restoring is correct electrical charge, meaning the red blood cells aren’t clumped together and flow more freely.

Try and incorporate grounding as part of your daily routine by walking barefoot on the grass, swimming in open waters or if you’re lucky enough to be close a beach you can do both!