Group of People Barefoot on Grass in a Circle

What is earthing or grounding?

A human body – our brain, heart beat, our muscles, everything – is pimarily electrical.  So when people ask “what is earthing?”, it means we we’re standing barefoot on the earth, we’re absorbing electrons that help neutralise the free radicals in our body that damage our cells.  We feel better because we are electrically stable.

Years of extensive research by Clint Ober (the founder of Earthing™) has shown that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy can reduce or diminish chronic pain, fatigue and other ailments that plague so many people today.   It is this connection that is referred to as Earthing or Grounding.

When your skin comes in contact with the earth, free electrons are taken into the body.  These electrons help neutralise free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease in the body.

The Earth’s energy harmonises and stabilises the body’s basic biological rhythms, can reduce or eliminate chronic inflammation and pain, making it the most natural and powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging remedy around!  No matter who you are – what your age, gender, race or health status – you will benefit from being grounded with a daily dose of Earthing!

What if I can’t always go outside?

It may not be possible to always go barefoot outside so we have some great products that allow you to connect directly to the earth from the home or office. Check out our online shop for some great, low cost solutions so you can be grounded for longer!