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How do seed oils affect the electrons in your body?

We are all electric beings and plastics are not good conductors of electrical charge.

Every cell in the body is designed to run at about a negative 20-25 millivolts and when cells need to repair themselves, the voltage is increased to 50 millivolts.

This process is controlled by the cell membrane.

The electrons necessary to allow this to happen are stored in the fat of the cell membrane and without an adequate amount of good fat, the cell membranes can’t function and therefore the cell can’t function.

Cells repair themselves frequently, and if you don’t give them new building materials (including adequate amounts of good fat) it will have to make a new cell with materials from the worn out cell it is replacing.

Building new things using worn out parts creates a new thing that doesn’t work much better than the old one did.

What’s this got to do with seed oils?

In the 1920’s the food industry discovered that if they put certain chemicals into the food, it was less likely to spoil. They then found out that if they cook fats/seed oils at about 350 degrees for about 5 hours, the fats turn into something similar to plastic.
Fats processed in this way are called “partially hydrogenated fats” or “trans fats” or “plastic fats”.

When you eat these plastic fats, your cell membranes become made of the plastic. These cells won’t hold voltage, and without voltage, your cells can’t work. Cells that don’t work are what we call “disease”.

The paradox is that eating more good fat and stopping plastic fats enables your body to store the necessary electrons for normal cell function, repair and healing.

Whilst grounding to the earth will give you those plentiful and never-ending supply of healing electrons, we need to support this process by giving our body the best possible conditions for it to make the most of these electrons, and ultimately thrive at a cellular level.

Source: Healing is Voltage – The Handbook (Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PSc., D)