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Reduce your sports injury recovery time with Earthing

Athletes and exercise enthusiasts have a lot to gain from Earthing.

● Less muscle damage.
● Reduced inflammation and pain.
● Reduced exercise-induced blood thickness.
● Quicker recovery time.

What the research says and the positive impact on sports injury recovery:

In 2010, exercise physiologist Richard Brown of the University of Oregon’s Human Physiology Department conducted a study demonstrating how Earthing significantly reduces the degree and duration of soreness and inflammation after intense exercise with barbells that created muscle damage. Such damage and discomfort is common in the sports and fitness world, and goes by the name of delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS.

More information is available here:

Further research

Later in 2015, he published a second study measuring the effect of earthing on DOMS and sports injury recovery suggests that grounding after physical exercise and performance may speed recovery as a result of less muscle damage.

To read the second DOMS study, published in the Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine, click here

In 2019, Austrian researchers at the University of Salzburg investigated the recovery of 22 healthy students who slept either grounded or not grounded for ten days after a single intense downhill running session on a treadmill that produced significant DOMS and fatigue.

It was found that the 12 individuals who slept grounded had faster recovery and less indicators of muscle damage and inflammation. Grounded sleeping was shown to result in faster recovery and less pronounced markers of muscle damage and inflammation.

There is obviously more to learn in the area, however, being grounded before and after sport or intensive exercise results in less inflammation, less pain, quicker recovery and healing.

Being grounded and earthing has much to offer people of all ages and abilities that take part in exercise and can play a key part in all sports injury recovery.

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